Divorce, alimony, division of marital property

The Office specializes in representing the Clients in divorces and cases related to alimony. Divorce proceedings are no less complicated than other legal proceedings and also require professionalism to achieve the objective complying with the will of the Client. In the course of divorce proceedings, the Court generally determines the cause of marriage breakdown. The lack of a professional advocate can result in numerous negative consequences, such as dismissal of a divorce suit, failure to grant alimony or granting alimony, yet of too low value or in the amount excessing the paying party’s capabilities. It seems to be essential to seek an attorney’s assistance in such situations as it ensures the Clients appropriate representation of their interests.

Moreover, divorce cases are mainly related to division of marital property after the cessation of marriage. This issue requires assistance of a professional who helps to calculate the value of property, suggests a fair division of property complying with the expectations of the Client and conducts either court proceedings or out-of-court compromise procedures.

In most cases, marital property is joint spousal property created for many years and it is worth securing one’s own interest, which can be difficult without the assistance of a lawyer.
Regardless of the aforementioned issues, the Office conducts other family cases within the range of the law, and particularly within the provisions of the Family and Guardianship Code.