Pursuing a claim, Debt recovery

Advocate Jarosław Woźniak has an extensive experience in client representation in civil court proceedings. The Office specializes in proceedings aimed at recovering the Clients’ debts and securing their interests in court proceedings.

Thanks to his professional experience gained as s legal counsel and a bailiff trainee, Advocate Jarosław Woźniak has wide knowledge allowing the use of all legal means aiming at recovering claims as quickly as possible (including securing proceedings, actio Pauliana, supervision over enforcement procedures, complaint on bailiff action).

Thanks to entrusting your debt recovery case to our Office, you can be sure that all possible actions will be taken to enforce your claim.


Compensation, Remedy, Pension

One of specialties of our Legal Office is also representing the Clients in cases related to compensation and remedies, which, unfortunately, are most often conducted before the Courts.

Advocate Jarosław Woźniak conducts cases against insurance companies linked with traffic accidents or other events that result in bringing a claim against the insurer (e.g. fire of an insured property).

The Office claims compensation for loss in property, remedy, compensation, pension caused by injury and health impairment as well as deterioration of prospects and earning opportunities for the future.
The Office also conducts cases concerning medical errors.

If the insurer pays you compensation, it is worth consulting this issue with a lawyer to determine whether you are paid the right amount. If you have been injured in a traffic accident, you should also seek advice to establish your rights against the insurer. In case of an error committed by a doctor or other medical personnel that caused deterioration of your health, you should also consult a lawyer. Asking for legal advice does not oblige you to bring the case to the Court, but it will certainly help you to get to know your rights.


Inheritance, Testaments, Reserved portions,

Everyone has already participated or will certainly participate in the future in regulating succession. It mainly concerns our relatives and cases related to inheritance left by them. Undoubtedly, it is recommended to seek advice from a lawyer in such situations.

A lawyer will advise on how to conduct the proceeding in the best possible way, how to behave if you have been omitted in a testament, or how to dispose of your property in case of death. Advocate Jarosław Woźniak has already conducted numerous proceedings of this type and he guarantees diligent and reliable legal assistance in this area.