What do our Clients say about us?

Jacek Kołodziejczak
I am very pleased with legal services!

I definitely recommend the legal services provided by Advocate Jarosław Woźniak from Gniezno! I have been running a small business for several years and thanks to the legal assistance offered by Advocate Jarosław Woźniak, I have managed to protect my interests multiple times when I was cooperating with larger companies or institutions that employed their own lawyers. I am very pleased with cooperation and I strongly recommend it!

Damian Królicki
I recommend Advocate Jarosław Woźniak.

I am very satisfied as an entrepreneur with the assistance provided by Advocate Jarosław Woźniak. The Advocate provides legal services for my business. As part of these services, Advocate Jarosław Woźniak offers, for example, advice and assistance in concluding deals and maintaining my business contacts, he represents me before the Courts and authorities, supervises employee affairs, or conducts debt recovery. I check every contract with the Advocate, so I can be sure that they meet my interest. All legal matters are handled in a determined and clear manner and thanks to it, I know my situation well. I recommend using the services provided by Advocate Jarosław Woźniak because they are really worthy.