The Legal Office Advocate Jarosław Woźniak

The range of services provided by the Office encompasses::

Family law

  • Divorces,
  • Alimony,
  • The division of marital property.

The Office specializes in representing clients in divorces and cases related to alimony. Divorce proceedings are no less complicated than other legal proceedings and also require professionalism to achieve the objective complying with the will of the client. In the course of divorce proceedings, the Court generally determines the cause of marriage breakdown.

Civil law

  • Pursuing a claim,
  • Debt recovery,
  • Compensation,
  • Remedy,
  • Pension, 
  • Inheritance,
  • Testaments,
  • Reserved portions.

Advocate Jarosław Woźniak has an extensive experience in client representation in civil court proceedings. 

Labour law

The proper performance of the work relationship is in the interests of both the employer and the employee. Advocate Jarosław Woźniak has long experience in the field of labour law not only in terms of any types of claims (e.g. in the field of reinstatement to work, payment of remuneration, redundancy payment), but also the employer’s legal defense against unlawful conduct of the employee.

Criminal law

Advocate Jarosław Woźniak is entitled to act as a defence attorney and a representative in the criminal proceeding (representation and defense in investigations before law enforcement authorities, i.e. the Police and the Public Prosecutor’s Office, and then in the whole legal proceeding). The right to defense and to a just and rapid trial is one of the basic laws of every citizen. Advocate Jarosław Woźniak exercises due diligence to ensure valid defense.

Legal services for companies

Advocate Jarosław Woźniak has long experience in providing legal services to entrepreneurs that he gained already as a legal advisor. Legal advice provided by a lawyer on a regular basis for an entity engaged in economic activity is a much better solution than legal assistance only in the case of emergency. Advocate Jarosław Woźniak’s Legal Office provides legal services for business entities on the basis of fixed contracts under which it is possible to obtain legal assistance in all matters of the company for one flat-rate monthly fee.


Jacek Kołodziejczak
I am very pleased with legal services!

I definitely recommend the legal services provided by Advocate Jarosław Woźniak from Gniezno! I have been running a small business for several years and thanks to the legal assistance offered by Advocate Jarosław Woźniak, I have managed to protect my interests multiple times when I was cooperating with larger companies or institutions that employed their own lawyers. I am very pleased with cooperation and I strongly recommend it!

Damian Królicki
I recommend Advocate Jarosław Woźniak.

I am very satisfied as an entrepreneur with the assistance provided by Advocate Jarosław Woźniak. The Advocate provides legal services for my business. As part of these services, Advocate Jarosław Woźniak offers, for example, advice and assistance in concluding deals and maintaining my business contacts, he represents me before the Courts and authorities, supervises employee affairs, or conducts debt recovery. I check every contract with the Advocate, so I can be sure that they meet my interest. All legal matters are handled in a determined and clear manner and thanks to it, I know my situation well. I recommend using the services provided by Advocate Jarosław Woźniak because they are really worthy.


The Legal Office operates on the market thanks to providing comprehensive legal assistance for both natural persons and legal entities.

The operating principle of the Office is flexible adaptation to the needs of the customer, starting with determining one’s expectations in terms of legal assistance, through adopting the strategy, to implementing legal measures.

The Office puts special emphasis on both the dynamics of actions and individual, unconventional approach to every case.

The Office provides comprehensive services, cooperates with a  notary and a bailiff. The Office is located at: Gniezno Tumska 14/3 St. (the city centre).

Advocate Jarosław Woźniak



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