In this short post, I would like to draw your attention to unfair practices applied by insurance companies against their clients.

In the case of property insurance of various kinds, insurance companies try to encourage their clients to extend insurance packages, which involves paying high contributions. However, a problem arises, when the event described in an insurance contract happens and results in the liability of an insurance company and an obligation to pay the eligible person an appropriate amount of money.

Insurance companies adopt a variety of measures to reduce the amount of the insurance due to be paid.

It is common to underestimate the value of damage, which may take various forms. For example, if a car is stolen or damaged, its value or the value necessary for removing the damage is estimated on the basis of the calculation most beneficial for an insurance company and it is quite different from the relevant annual tables or calculations made by independent workshops. Furthermore, in the case of bodily injury, it is most frequently the percentage of health impairment that is underestimated.

It is also crucial to pay attention to the very moment of the insurance payment. An insurance company often pays an underestimated amount of insurance immediately and it obliges the Client to sign a document in which it is stated that the sum paid meets this Client’s claims in full or it simply hopes that the insured person will not question the amount of the payment.

Contrary to a common and persisting myth, the assistance of a lawyer in such cases does not generate high costs, yet it certainly brings measurable benefits.

With this in mind, I encourage everybody to use the services of Advocate Jarosław Woźniak, who specializes, among others, in pursuing claims against insurance companies.

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